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Photo by vgajic/iStock / Getty Images


This page could be yours! The stock photo to the <------ left could be you and someone else. 

Im looking for one or two people who love coffee, food, beverages and entrepreneurship to have a apprenticeship here at the shop. This a great field and people do actually make coffee a career. Coffee its at its hight and I really would love to share my insight of it. I see the coffee industry walking closer to the food industry, therefore I see a Barista as the equivalent of a Chef. We will be innovative and push the envolope on what you can do with drinks/food within a small space.

We are also looking for someone interested in working with our marketing. We  have knowledge in it, but not enough time to make Pirate's Bone the company it deserves to be.

Theres an age minimum, but other than that, Im open to people who are wanting to learn and work in the dopest up and coming shop in KCMO. 

Send and email, or come into the shop. Tell me about you and why you would be a fit for Pirate's Bone. Did I mention all of the free drinks and food you will be having? Its "DOPE" as kids now days would say.